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Johnny Northside and John Hoff Exposed

Johnny Northside Stoops Low & Goes Lower

Johnny Northside reading legal complaint against him

Over on the “on life support” victims blog  for TJ Wachovia, John Hoff AKA Johnny Northside made an appearance. His reason for posting on the site was to (anti-johnny’s opinion) take low-life, cheap shots at Tom & Jon and to hopefully get their family’s to “hate” me.  Let me explain that last part.
About two months ago, John and I were engaging in a few less-than-friendly text messages and one of the last things John said was, “By the time I am done with you, his family will hate you.”
In other words, I have been such a thorn in John’s side by constantly keeping the public informed about what a hypocrite and possibly even a psychopath he is that he decided to attack my friends by sending them letters (in a federal prison camp-minimum security) as well as sending the prison letters. Below you will find what he said in that post:

“It appears that if somebody wanted to write to the parole board about “Tom and Jon,” this is the place to begin:
U.S. Parole Commission 5550 Friendship Boulevard, Suite 420 Chevy Chase, MD 20815-7286.
I’m guessing it would be best to reference them by their inmate numbers, since they’re just two pieces of well-chewed meat in a very big and impersonal machine.
April 22, 2010 1:47 AM

About a week later I posted a comment that informed people that JohnWillard Hoff recently had a restraining order filed against him. Click here to read that article… http://www.mplsmirror.com/mpls/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=610:new-sheriff-in-town-helps-media-turn-a-zero-into-a-hero&catid=34:local-news&Itemid=103

I thought to myself at the time that his posting such a thing was a low-life thing to do but, it was also Coercion in my opinion. Some people see such a thing as Blackmail for a person to attack someone in order to get them to ask another person to do something they don’t want to do. That is illegal. Nothing new to John.

John posted a response that denied a restraining order ever existed, even though it was stamped by a Hennepin County clerk and it was signed by a Minnesota District 4 Judge.
Here is what John actually posted: (My comments are included in red font)

“Anybody can go to court and file something, but that doesn’t mean it ever took effect or was ruled justified. That’s the case here. The matter being referenced by Jim was never even SERVED. When you read thru the 8-page document, it states that a hearing is not required for it to be valid when the applicant convinces the judge that a restraining order is needed. Being served makes no difference.

And Jim knows that, but he’s not exactly committed to being truthful. Hmm, based on what? Any post about John Hoff that reveals factual information always includes a link to the source.

Jim’s friends sit in a federal prison and yet here’s Jim, their former business manager, the self-declared “best friend” of Thomas Balco, out in a very public way being a pain in the ass on their behalf up to, and including, sending harassing text messages at all hours of the night. Where to start? 1) I was never their “business manager” as he states. I managed about 35 rental properties of theirs in early 2003. 2) His saying I am being a “pain in the ass” goes to prove the reasons I stated for him sending letters and encouraging others to do the same. It is simply his below the belt tactics he so often uses against anyone he publicly attacks. 3) “Harassing text messages all hours of the night?” Thankfully, I saved those messages and of them all, this is the one that sounded as close to what garbage he claims is harassment… “Hey Magilla, how have you contributed to NoMi? Paid school taxes? City? County? EVER??? How about court fees? Or judgements? U R nothing but a social LEECH!”  Oh yeah, the latest time of day that any text was sent? 8:50 PM. The rest were before 6:00 PM.

I would urge anybody involved in this blog or victimized by the TJ Wachovia scandal who has been FURTHER victimized by Jim Watkins–such as receiving harassing text messages at all hours–to write to the prison system where his friends are staying. After all, Jim’s doing it because of them, and I can’t see how they can be innocent of that knowledge. Again, he attacks me by encouraging others to slander two people in jail. Nice guy. How he came up with implying I have sent text messages to anyone else on the matter is beyond me and as baseless as most everything else he writes.

Also, if anybody has a copy of a video I’ve heard about called “Jim’s Big Day,” if such a video actually exists…I am interested in obtaining a copy for documentation purposes. This statement is purely nuts. Would that be a video of the day I graduated high school? Or maybe a video from any number of speeches I have given to organizations throughout Texas? Please! It does make me wonder how he comes up with such garbage? Maybe he should switch to being purely an author of fiction.  
It’s no secret how to contact me.
June 16, 2010 5:06 PM

Lastly, the reason I stated in the headline that Johnny Northside stooped even lower is because, I got a call from my friend about a week ago and he mentioned that he and Jon both got a letter from Johnny Northside. He didn’t read it to me but he did say something to this effect, “What is his problem?”
I think it is clear what his problem is… John Hoff has made it a career to step on others and publicly accuse people of whatever he wants, no matter if its true or not. Yet, he has the idea that the rules in this world do not apply to him. If he had any respect for the rules, he would have paid his property taxes (dating back to 2008),  his numerous judgements against him, his court fees every time he has been to court, his child support and the list goes on.
His other big probelm is… I will continue to be a thorn in his side. He has bullied so many people. Good people too. The day he decided to bully me and threaten to “crush” me… I decided that I will do what so few others have done when they have been bullied by John… Stand up to him and not let up until he stops his selfish, bullying ways and stops attacking people.

John Hoff has never bothered to pay attention to the old saying, “Those who live in glass houses, should not throw rocks.”


2 Responses to “Johnny Northside Stoops Low & Goes Lower”

  1. Looks like Constance Nempolis a/k/a/ Connie Nempolis in the background. Perhaps texting live-in ex-husband that is is busy getting groceries or working late showing houses (just not who’s house).

    We called it first, joined at the hip or hips, you make the call…..it is obvious! If you ask us, she could find a better side dish that something out of the dumpster.

    We feel sorry for second fiddle, Megan Goodmundson, Then again, no we don’t she is lucky to get what second hand trash. Heck is it a love life pattern for her and she just keeps on repeating it.

    The Hawks know everything!

  2. Ummmm dear author, how exactly are you wound up in this from texas?

    Hawk… your comment makes
    A. No sense
    B. Is in theory showing what aside from a desire to by you to be the gossip girl?

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